Theo’s adds a third




Theo’s Neighborhood Pizza has expanded again, this time opening a third location near the entrance to the Elmwood Shopping Center.

The distinctive feature of a Theo’s pizza is its crust, which is thin and goes beyond crisp to a quality approaching crackling. Even when loaded with toppings, this slim but formidable foundation can crunch audibly beneath the teeth. Theo’s also has a gluten-free crust option.

Expansion was always part of the blueprint for Theo’s, though co-owner Jammer Orintas says Hurricane Katrina derailed those plans for a while. He and fellow college friends Greg Dietz and Ted Neikirk opened their first Theo’s at 4218 Magazine St. less than a year before Katrina struck, though with hindsight they say the chance to reopen quickly that fall was an important part of establishing their brand.

The Uptown Theo’s was among the first wave of restaurants to reopen and the partners watched their new business skyrocket as returning residents beat a path to any eatery then operating. In 2009 they opened a much-larger second shop in Mid-City at 4024 Canal St.

Orintas says their next expansion was guided in part by emails they received from people living around Harahan and River Ridge suggesting they add a location in the busy Elmwood area. Like the other locations, this Theo’s is open for lunch and dinner daily.

Theo’s Neighborhood Pizzeria
1212 South Clearview Pkwy., Harahan, 504-733-3803

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