While many — even dive bars — begin to get in the holiday spirit, it seems others are asking to get coal in their stockings this year. From the lovely folks in Atlanta who greeted our Saints in a very mature, adult-like way before their match against the Falcons on Thursday, to local media makers who engaged in a full-on Twitter cat fight (a group tweakout, if you will), the naughty list is growing before our eyes. Also this week: Comic Con, a really dumb moment courtesy of a New Orleans ambulance driver and Jon Vilma entertains us, as always.

Y@ Speak 11/26-12/3

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Just how in the world did we not have a "Liz & Dick" viewing party last night? Sorry, #Nola. We failed you.Pizza Nola
I love how walkable New Orleans is, this double shooting is so conveniently located to my house.copus
Looking for a fresh new sound? Check out @The_Gambit's article on new New Orleans bands! Forstall
NOPD cruiser #3554 just sped through an active school zone on Napoleon Ave. No lights on. (cc: @MitchLandrieu). #neworleansfinestTodd A. Price
So, Jim Letten tells WDSU he "can't worry about his future" and "I just have to do my job." Glad I tuned in. #weaksauceGordon Russell
@rthompsonTP Let me get this straight: fired from TP, good reporters leave, scrap bottom of barrel, get rehired, pop off on twitter? #smartTravers Mackel
@GordonRussell1 Your sad twitter comments speak volumns. How the mighty have fallen! But I guess you have to channel your anger somehow.Travers Mackel
#Hackel MT @TraversMackel: @GordonRussell1 Your sad twitter comments speak volumns. How the mighty have fallen!Richard Thompson
@TraversMackel @GordonRussell1 Hug it out, boys.Scott Walker
Stay classy, San Diego MT @TraversMackel Your sad twitter comments speak volumns. ...But I guess you have to channel your anger.Gordon Russell
Official lighting of our ratty-ass wreath will happen at 7p. when the bartender opens and flips the switch. #Christmas #NolaSnake and Jakes NOLA
Wow, as we’re boarding buses on the Tarmac @ Atlanta airport, we start getting eggs thrown @ us by airport workers! Guess they do hate us!Chase Daniel
Bus just got egged after landing in ATL by the ramp workers. Classy! "RISE Up" smhJimmy Graham
Eggs...that's cute. Lol.Courtney Roby
The hotel has the audacity to serve us EGGs for breakfast!! #hahaJedidiah Collins
Somewhere in Atlanta some real estate broker texts his friend: "Traffic is Les Mis right now. WTF, man? Running late to Bonefish Grill"BlackenedOut
Someone made this impressive HOAX site showing NASA found Mardi Gras beads on Mars: Debunking:
3wks ago a fan told me i should enjoy fball even if im not winning. Guess what bro...UR WRONG. DEAD WRONG. fball is ONLY fun wen ur WINNINGJonathan Vilma
Get the weekend off with the family. Cant wait. Headed to the country tomorrow to cut down our Christmas tree. Feel like the Griswolds!Drew Brees
Convenience store boots a lights-flashing ambulance while medics tend to injured man inside: McCarthy
here's a recap of yesterday's hearing "blah blah blah blah bounty bullsh** still dragging on blah blah blah witchhunt blah blah blah blah"Jonathan Vilma
Extremely sad to hear about what happened in KC! Prayers going up for the family of those affected. Family first, even in this business.Chris Chamberlain
this weekend in NOLA, Morial Convention Center hosts comic con and Ampersand hosts bully con.Andrew Healan
#NOLA I'm coming at ya.. 1st time EVER traveling there- flippin' out- you've been on my top 5 list for yrs!! #NewOrleans RTEliza Dushku
"How can I possibly make Christianity more lame?...I've got it!" #nolacomiccon Polk
No Saints game today = Time to CLEAN ALL THE THINGSskooks
Christmastime!! @ The Roosevelt Hotel Man Martin
new record for adults crying in the target in Metairie #holidaystressJen L
new record for adults crying in the target in Metairie #holidaystressJen L
Even the broken, lost, soulless wanderers at Sunday night @saintbar celebrate Xmas. @ Saint Bar & Lounge OtterStar

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