Two second lines Sunday: Dumaine Street Gang and Westbank Steppers



Route and parade details for both parades below the jump!

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2012 12noon- 4pm


Start. Craig School, N. Villere and St. Philip Street. Proceed up N. Villere to Dumaine Street. Right on Dumaine. Continue on Dumaine to N. Robertson. Left on N. Robertson. Up N. Robertson.
Stop: Kermit Ruffins Speakeasy, N. Robertson and Basin St. (Sudan S&P Club). Right on Basin and out Orleans Avenue.
Stop: Bocat's Lounge (Old and Nu Style). Continue on Orleans Ave. to N. Galvez. Right on Galvez. Continue to Ursulines St. Right on Ursulines to N. Claiborne Ave.
Stop: Family Ties SPP Club. Left on N. Claiborne to Esplanade Ave. Right on Esplanade and continue to N. Rampart St. Left on N. Rampart and continue to St. Claude Ave. to Touro St. U-turn at Touro.
Stop: Sweet Lorraine's (Black Men of Labor). Up St. Claude Ave. to St. Bernard Ave. Right on St. Bernard to Marais.
Stop: Justine's Next Stop (All New Undefeated Divas and Gents). Continue up St. Bernard to A.P. Tureaud. Right on A.P. Tureaud to N. Dorgenous. U-turn.
Stop: 2406 A.P. Tureaud (Nine Times S&P Club. Continue on A.P. Tureaud to N. Miro. Turn right.
Stop. Seal's Class Act (Seal's Outreach & Revolution S&P Club). Left on St. Bernard. Continue on St. Bernard to N. Claiborne. Right on N. Claiborne to St. Philip St. Left on St. Philip.
Disband. Craig School, N. Villere and St. Philip St.
King Benny Ransom
Queen Stephanie Hogans
TBC Brass Band and Stooges Brass Band


SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2012 12noon- 4pm

Harabee (Let's pull together)
Start: 1700 Hero Blvd. Down. L.B. Landry to Ptolemy. Left on Ptolemy. Down Ptolemy.
Stop: 1335 Ptolemy. Down Leboeuf to Socrates. Right on Socrates to Hendee. Right on Hendee to Ptolemy. Proceed down Ptolemy to Sumner. Left on Sumner.
Stop: Tracy's Tiny Treasures, 1023 Sumner. Down Sumner to Newton. Left on Newton to Whitney Ave. Right turn on Whitney Ave. to Opelousas. Down Opelousas to Leboeuf. Left turn on Leboeuf.
Stop: Barber Shop, 938 Leboeuf. Proceed down Leboeuf to Lamarque. Right turn on Lamarque. Proceed down Lamarque.
Stop: Ramsey's Place, 1300 Nunez. Left turn to Nunez to Socrates. Right turn on Socrates to Teche. Right turn on Teche. Down Teche.
Stop: Dominique's Place, 1200 Teche. Proceed down Teche to Newton. Right turn on Newton.
Stop: Newton Saints Club, 435 Newton. Proceed down Newton.
Disband: Manicure Record Shop, 1510 Newton.
King Johnny 2012
Small Souljers Brass Band


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