We're back to the real world, which is sadly filled with food that isn't casseroles and pie and people who aren't giant inflatable cartoon characters or Rockettes. Ease on back into the working week with tweets about Black Friday, mass texts, how shitty our airport is, Bobby Jindal 2.0 and more. Plus, some lagniappe tweets from last week that I saved during Y@ Speak's first birthday celebration.

Y@ Speak 11/19-11/25

Storified by Gambit · Mon, Nov 26 2012 10:10:06
Larry Holder's TwitterSounds like Drew Brees will be on an upscale version of "Cribs" from CBS' press release.
Jonathan Vilma's TwitterLol anybody seen my mentions...those dirtybirds are maaaaad lolol i LUV it!
Gov. Bobby Jindal's TwitterWe have got to stop dividing the American voters. We need to go after every single vote.
Dan Woods's TwitterAfter making a pact with the Dark Lord, Bobby Jindal sacrifices Louisiana for his future prospects as a 2016 Pres.Candidate. #TremeSeason8
NolaChick's TwitterChip Forstall might be paying too much for commercials.
Michelle Hunter TP's Twitterskipped the smut beat today and just going for plain ole cuckoo bananas. metairie roomate pours drain cleaner on sleeping roommate's head
copus's TwitterCall me old fashioned, but I prefer the traditional way to let people know you're thinking about them this holiday season... with a mass ...
Cyrus Cooper's Twitteri'm gonna start home brewing some local sriacha sauce fuck the green cap big rooster paradigm that's some evil monopoly shit
Eater New Orleans's TwitterAnthony Bourdain slams @BlackenedOut during Gawker Live Chat. Yes way, dude.
BlackenedOut's TwitterThey still don't get it: Post Katrina restaurant industry was, and is, the lone bright spot and best example of activity and resurgence.
Sam Cook, III's TwitterI'm honestly terrified that the folks I potentially interact with on a daily basis are commentators...
UL Lafayette's TwitterDon't miss the UL Lafayette marching band, the Pride of Acadiana, in tomorrow's Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!
team gleason's TwitterExperts say I will die in 2-3 years. With perseverance, support, technology & creativity we will prove them wrong. U in?! -SG #nowhit...
Rouses Markets's Twitter@The_Gambit This is our Superbowl. #ThanksgivingEve
Jonathan Vilma's TwitterHappy Thanksgiving! If youre thinking of sending that annoying mass text today, dont, i'll be thankful for that.
skooks's TwitterThere are 10 year olds who have never seen an NFL Thanksgiving broadcast that doesn't feature American troops watching from Afghanistan
Alison Fensterstock's TwitterThe holidays have just officially started; I take that to mean I can put off plans for healthier living til after Mardi Gras. Or Jazz Fest.
Andrew Polk's TwitterYo, Travers Mackel, quit acting like those people waiting outside Best Buy aren't human garbage.
Protest by labor supporters at Walmart on Tchoup. Meanwhile, no Black Friday lines at all here right now Morris
Matt's TwitterThank g-d Louis Armstrong didn't live to see this weak as fuck airport get named after him.
Bayou Classic game ball arriving in style. For the 20th year @usmc ROTC members from SU/LSU ran ball from BR to NOLA. Mackel
Drew Brees's TwitterFor those of you about to watch the CBS "Person to Person" special, the reason Bowen is screaming on TV is because he was starving! Poor kid
Andy Richter's TwitterI highly recommend the Jambalaya at the New Orleans airport if you're in the market for 18 hrs of diarrhea
Michael Cerveris's TwitterCongratulations to the SF49ers and their teammates the NFL referees for their joint victory today @Saints
Chris Trew's TwitterMore reasons "We Dat" is stupid. All the 49ers fans in the dome chanting "We Dat" as they file out.
Lance Moore's TwitterTough loss today. Appreciate the prayers n concern, I'm doing fine. Gotta bounce back this wk against the falcons! Who dat
Pierre Thomas's TwitterTough loss today. Gotta stay focused & bounce back this week w the quick turn around...goin to see them dirty birds Thursday night! #...
Roman Harper's TwitterEveryone go out and vote for Marques Colston 4 pro bowl All he does is ball He wouldve been to 3 already if he talked trash & had a n...
skooks's TwitterThis is all Brees's fault for agreeing to appear on CBS's Person to Person

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