Parsing white whiskey at Calcasieu



“Windy meets muggy” is what they’re calling a Sazerac-style cocktail by way of Chicago. It's made with rye whiskey from Koval, a distillery founded in the Windy City in 2008, and it will be served at a whiskey dinner scheduled Nov. 27 at Calcasieu. The name isn’t the only thing different about this drink though.

That rye is clear, part of a line of “white whiskeys” that Koval describes as “a bridge between vodka and aged whiskey,” liquors that are highly aromatic and “imbued with the distinct flavors of the grains from which they are distilled.” The “new fashioned” cocktail on the evening’s menu is made with a millet whiskey while another, the “salty grain” (think salty dog), is made with the ancient grain spelt.

Calcasieu is the Link Restaurant Group’s private events space above Cochon and Butcher, and the menu for this four-course Koval Whiskey Dinne includes smoked fish salad, gnocchi with mushrooms and salami, ham shank that’s been both braised and deep fried and, for dessert, apple clafouti, a French-style pie. There’s a whiskey cocktail paired with each course, plus a “welcome cocktail” of the distillery’s aged Lion’s Pride whiskey on the rocks. The dinner costs $60, plus tax and tip. For reservations, call 588-2188.

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