A "veggieducken" is a thing



If the wad o' meat known as a turducken would never cross your lips, but a Tofurky loaf lacks Thanksgiving sex appeal (and causes last-minute cancellations among your guests), may we introduce to you the Veggieducken?

What is a Veggieducken? A sweet potato instead a leek inside a banana squash with stuffing between each layer.

Somebody from the show Good to Know on Cooking Channel (aka the Food Network's dorky little brother) came up with it:

Good To Know is hosted by Laurie March and Dan Pashman; the Veggieducken itself is Pashman’s baby, and he will soon appear on Weekend Edition Sunday on NPR, where he used to work, to discuss his creation.

It certainly looks easier than the turducken ... plus you avoid that whole "turd-" prefix.

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