How to get your Louisiana sample ballot



Last-minute voters looking for a Louisiana sample ballot are having a tough time of it this morning, with some reporting the Louisiana secretary of state's website is difficult to reach because of increased traffic.

So here's what you do:

Start with the state's "Geaux Vote" portal where you can enter your address and get your ward and precinct numbers. Write them down.

Then take this shortcut to the Secretary of State's sample ballot page and enter your parish, ward and precinct (you'll need all three). You can choose to display summaries or full text of the various referenda on your ballot, or none at all.

Use the check boxes to fill out the ballot. (Note that "the Secretary of State’s Office does not store or track selections made on the ballot details screen.") When you're done, print it out, take it to your polling place and you'll be in and out of the booth quickly. We make no such guarantees about the lines outside.

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