This Halloween week, New Orleans Twitter was treated to a variety of treats: amusing dispatches from trick-or-treating and the Frenchmen Street experience, deep thoughts from Norman Robinson, and an apparently drunk or really, really excited person on Bobby Jindal's Twitter feed Friday night. But is someone playing a trick on us with this Sean Payton news? Also this week: Hurricane Sandy tweets, Steve Gleason's mohawk, and people get worked up about LSU/Bama game.

Y@ Speak 10/29-11/4

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This is becoming a "growing" trend with broadcasts meteorologists... Kevra
Some dude dropped off MRE's and water to the office today. Dude is real confused.Amber Carew
Something I never thought I'd tweet: Just got a turkey on a hero from a deli on the corner of 127th & 8th in the middle of a hurricane.Brett
The #Sandy evacuees from WVU that I interviewed in the Quarter asked if this was for my student newspaper. #blessyouboysMichelle Hunter TP
Oh look Gambit's 40 self important assholes issue is outskooks
lol bing aerials were taken during mardi grasТомояяош's cнıʟD
Samuel Jackson volunteered to record the special open for tomorrow's inaugural @Hornets game on the new @FSNewOrleans! Hale
Why do they dress dogs up as things people find scary, like a ghost? They should dress them as things dogs find scary, like a vacuum cleanercopus
Me to two small witches: Hi, witches! Witches' little brother behind them: I'm not a witch, I'm a knight! Witches in unison: Shut up, Kevin.Alison Fensterstock
The costume lasted about 2 minutes on Baylen before he traded it in for pajamas but for a short while we were Iron Men! Brees
Lawd! somebody dressed up as Sallie Mae. Now, that's scary.KJ Hill
#WhitePeople in #Blackface and #Blackbody for #Halloween. Remmington III
Trapped in the eye doctors office. And you thought Halloween was yesterday.norman robinson
In honor of all my #katrina Survivors, this Louisiana girl will help my fellow #Sandy survivors rebuild safer and stronger. Together. Agree?Donna Brazile
Wondering if Springsteen will be treating folks in Jersey to a reprisal of the '06 show he performed in post #katrina Nola. #sandyBrett Anderson
Wait till u see my Easter themed wedding. Bride's Grampa comes back to life! @WWLTV Westwego couple celebrates Halloween themed weddingStokley Gray
beginning of a Cinderella story or the aftermath of a kidnapping? Healan
My dog just shit a kit kat wrapper. Halloween is officially over.Laurie Dickson
I keep saying "New Orleans," then correct myself to "Jersey" or "York."Lizzie O'Leary
Glen David Andrews @ I Club: "Tonight 1st time in 18 years I performed sober in NO. I plan on performing like this for rest of my life"Keith Spera
Y'all Catholics sure have a lot of call & responses... Lol Sam
FORWARD…UPWARD…SIDEWAYS … DIAGONAL… CIRCULAR…all of these would be better than REALITY for this President.Gov. Bobby Jindal
Someone managing the @BobbyJindal twitter is drunk I think.Karl from Lafayette
@ChMaldonado yup — snake and jakes carded BRUCE EGGLER who is 68 years old. it was hilarious.Naomi Martin TP
Mario Batali spotted in my hood. He really does wear those orange crocs everywhereTaylor Murrow
In case you were wondering, Bobby Hebert was just escorted out of the press box.WWL-TV Sports
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo whyyyyyyyyy come on lsuSHAQ
I am not going to go, but I'm sure the scene at the Krystal on Bourbon St. Is nuts right now.Austin Lavin
Oh, wow. I apparently couldn't find the cork last night and just did this instead. Fryer
Sean Payton has too much to lose by leaving NOLA. I don't believe he'd bail on Drew Brees for Tony Romo. Dallas IS NOT a better situation...Scott Walker
Greasy mohawk? Check.Shaggy mustache? Check!I am ready for Gleason Gras!-SG gleason
BREAKING: NFL voids Saints contract; arena to be renamed Roger Goodell-Benz Superdome.Fake Times-Picayune
George Orwell was half right: There is definitely a big brother. But it's not government. It's government being run by corporations.norman robinson
So what is this...phase 3 of lets freak everyone out in NOLA about the saints? Whoever has an agenda is executing it brilliantlyTheCompanyBurger
Roughly 15% of the population of New Orleans practices voodooOMG Facts
So @ThomasMorstead proposed to his girlfriend last night - what did she say? Orleans Saints

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