New Orleans residents say we live in the Third World while using Twitter to complain about the boil water advisory issued last week (hey, the Saints didn't play this week, so I guess everyone needed something to yell about). Also this week: it's Biden versus Ryan in the veep debate, changes in the Voodoo Experience lineup, and a dude skydives from space.

Y@ Speak 10/23-10/29

Storified by Gambit · Mon, Oct 15 2012 09:46:29
ATTENTION NEW ORLEANIANS: Don't forget to save some bad water in jar so you can use it for mischief later.(A Ghost Named) Matt
y'all I screamed so loud when the saints won the power went out and now the water is dirty and everybody has to boil their water that's my bCyrus Cooper
Halfway shocked that the city hasn't issued an onslaught of "Boil Dat!" notifications.Geoff G
I'd be more inconvenienced by a "Boil White Wine Warning."colleen allerton
Fuck ima boil a shower?Champagne Cecil
Green Day announced they are unable to perform at Voodoo. We wish Billie Joe & the entire Green Day family our best. Experience
Boil-water advisory lifted! Go take a shower, NOLA.WWNO 89.9 FM
PLEASE let boiled H2O cool before drinking. If water tastes flat, pour in a clean bottle and shake. If it still tastes flat, add to bourbon.Mark Moseley
Wokeup thinking 1-4 sounds MUCH better than 0-5...still have to grind grind grindJonathan Vilma
When Anthony Davis stretches, his limbs extend into other dimensions #long Coston
Thank you NOLA. You delivered so hard. So happy! Thank you!!!DAN DEACON
To paraphrase from the Princess Bride, "New Orleans, you keep using the term 3rd World, I am not sure you know what that means."BlackenedOut
peper e i g h o s t
@skooks And they say NOLA's food truck laws are archaic and oppressive. Where are the Sunday drive-through daiquiris in Portland?Pontchartrain Pete
State of Print Media panel, VP debate, Stooges Brass Band or soul DJ night at BJ's? If only I could combine all into one. *dream sequence*Alison Fensterstock
Any gaffe u make in a debate follows you forever. Style & substance matters. Look into the camera, do not roll your eyes or expose your abs.Donna Brazile
Joe Biden is committing child abuse. This is the only time I will every say that publicly beating a pimply teenager is AWESOME!JP Morrell
FYI: If the sign outside says “Speakeasy Bar,” then you’re not remotely a speakeasy bar.Todd A. Price
For the record, it's 3:00 pm and not a single table has left. Since 11:30 AM @galatoires#nolaLisa P. Smith
Surprise! We'll be playing @VoodooNola in two weeks! See you in New Orleans on October 27! #MetOnTour
Dear,As an avid reader, friend of writers, occasional writer, and homesick expat...your phone app sucks.Brooks Hamaker
Man this clown might drop his phone or some change out his pockets..... Fuckin all our windshields and paint jobs from spaaaaaaaccccceeeeeSpitta
I got a screen grab of the Felix Baumgartner jump from space.
I'm at the NOLA airport feeling bad for all these people who have to go home to their boring lives and don't get to live here.Sophie L Johnson

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