Henry Rollins brings "Capitalized" to Baton Rouge tonight



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Muscled rabblerouser Henry Rollins is on a 50-state tour of U.S. capitals in advance of the November presidential election, and tonight the Black Flag frontman and SoCal punk elder statesman will be stopping at the Manship Theatre in Baton Rouge.

DIG Baton Rouge got an interesting interview with Rollins about why he's touring right now:

When someone says, “Oh, this safety net is making America into a nanny state” — then again, if you think you’re such a rugged individualist, then you won’t be using my road, a public road. You better know how to get to work. That’s a taxpayer road. I use the same street you do to get to the venue. That’s a community. I’m going to stop at the red light. I think we all agree on red means stop, green means go, orange means accelerate dangerously. If we all agree on that, that makes us a community. I don’t like the idea of the United States being 50 angry little countries. The Civil War was fought to really bring us together. It took a lot of dead bodies to do and we’re together now.

Read it all here.

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