This week we had the first presidential debate and all the zingers and hastily created parody accounts that come with it (just imagine how Twitter will be Nov. 4. I think it might explode?). Also, the Saints finally gave us a win, perhaps due to the help of Angela Hill's magical Saints Oracle Dolls (pictured above). We're not judging: Gambit also subscribes to the mystic power of treasured inanimate objects.

Y@ Speak 10/2-10/7

Storified by Gambit · Mon, Oct 08 2012 08:15:35
Guy riding a Segway indoors into the elevator, you just keep on doing your thing man.Chris Boyd
just had a woman in this coffee shop refuse to keep an eye on my laptop while i used the restroom b/c she "didn't want the responsibility".Asp Burgers
Dear @TuckerCarlson, What's so inflammatory about Obama saying govt didn't care about New Orleans? Even white people from #NOLA say that.E.J.
Ive never seen a sign so clearly written by a white person! Wayman
BREAKING: Baby hospital expected July 2013. RT @wdsu: Exclusive: Company running new St. Bernard Hospital pulls outFake Times-Picayune
League source confirms reports that Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis and Joe Vitt will be Sunday's #Saints game vs #ChargersWWL-TV Sports
I remember watching McCain-Obama at the Mother-in-Law lounge. RIP Ms. Antoinette!Brian W Boyles
I'm always surprised by how many people on Twitter announce they'll be debate liveblogging. It's Twitter. We're all liveblogging.Karen DaltonBeninato
Obama should say "you've got 5 sons all under 45yo. If you're so pro war, why haven't any of them served in the military?"Toffleresque
Voters, tell your children Romney plans to kill big bird. And feed him to the homeless.Todd A. Price
Some good points from Romney but I disagree that “every women of breeding age should have a mini-prison built around her uterus.”rob delaney
Please Jim ask these guys how they plan on torturing Roger Goodell?BlackenedOut
WAIT, we can or cannot have banks in garages? Because that may change who I vote for. #businessventureMarguerite Green
There are like five Big Birds in my feed now.Lizzie O'Leary
"If I'm elected president ill create one billion new jobs!!" -Dr. Evil lol moohahahahahahaha hahahahahaLance Moore
#edwardsharpe @ Mahalia Jackson Theater for the Performing Arts Brasted
The GIRLS can't wait to make their Saints prediction at 6pm. They are pumped! Hill
McConaughey on high school girls in Dazed & Confused: I get older, they stay same age. Same w/ RH Chili Peppers & their fansKeith Spera
Can't believe Spike Lee is spending a million dollars on a commercial to stop killing in New Orleans: How about funding education program ?norman robinson
I plan to measure the progress of gentrification in my neighborhood over the past year by whether my Halloween pumpkin gets stolen.Alison Fensterstock
Seen outside #NOLA City Hall: "Subject to be fine" #whodat Defender
Wait, the Saints are 0-4? The atmosohere here says otherwise. These fans at the packed Superdome are so unbelievably loud. Place is rockin'.Jeff Darlington
Drew Brees now in the iron sheik classThe Iron Sheik
Records are broken every day. The big ones wait for a player special enough to chase them down. Congrats @DrewBrees Football
SERIOUS TWEET: Let's hunt Ronnie Lamarque for sport.Joe Cardosi
Great win for the team tonight. Thanks to the Who Dat Nation for making it such a special night. Now let’s get this thing rollin…….Drew Brees

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