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NOTE: The New Orleans City Council voted yesterday 7-0 in favor of an ordinance requiring second line street vendors to have permits which will go into effect in 2013. So you’ve got the rest of 2012 to get your 2 for 1 cole cole Heinekens. Support your local second line vendor!

(Route details below the jump!)

Start: John Mac Sr. High, 2426 Esplanade Avenue. Proceed out Esplanade to N. Broad St. Right on Broad to St. Bernard Avenue. Proceed down St. Bernard to N. Miro Street.

Stop: New Day Beauty Salon, 2200 St. Bernard Ave. (Dumaine Gang). Continue down St. Bernard to St. Claude.

Stop: Sidney's Saloon, 1200 St. Bernard Ave. (Sidewalk Steppers). Continue down St. Bernard to N. Rampart Street. Right on Rampart to Esplanade Ave. Right on Esplanade to Marais. Proceed on Marias to Kerlerec. Left on Kerlerec to N. Robertson.

Stop: Hank's Bar, 1443 N. Roberson St. (Versatile Ladies). Continue up Kerlerec to N. Claiborne. Left on N. Claiborne to Ursulines Avenue. Right on Ursulines to N. Broad St.

Stop: 2630 Ursulines Ave. (The Family). Turn left on N. Broad. Proceed to Conti Street. Right on Conti.

Disband: Good Times Part II, 2901 Conti Street.


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