Suspected Marigny child deserter faces lesser charge than guy who wrote six words on wall several blocks away



Sherry Lee
  • Sherry Lee

Police arrested Sherry Lee last night after she allegedly deserted her two-year-old son near Washington Square Park.

From The Times-Picayune:

New Orleans police 8th District Sgt. Arnold Williams said the toddler was spotted around 11 a.m. playing alone for about 30 minutes. A Good Samaritan flagged down a police officer.

Lee has been charged with child desertion, a misdemeanor.

As opposed to, say, the heinous crime of Mr. Anthony Chapman, who was picked up in December for writing "Natural Hair 4 the Brown Skin," at 1039 Decatur, a leisurely eight minute walk away from where Lee is suspected of abandoning a helpless two-year-old child.

The above felony reads Natural Hair 4 the Brown Skin
  • The above felony reads "Natural Hair 4 the Brown Skin"

Those five words plus one numeral landed Chapman a felony conviction under the state's new "criminal damage to historic buildings" law. Chapman pleaded guilty to the felony in March. (Under Article 893, which means he will be able to expunge the conviction. But still.) Chapman was sentenced to two years probation and fined more than $500, according to court records posted online. ($500, by the way, is the maximum fine that Lee will have to pay.)

Now, you might think, criminal penalties aside, Lee may face the prospect of having her kid taken away, and that is surely far worse than two years probation. Maybe, but then again, "Police said Lee admitted to leaving her child in the park Tuesday morning unsupervised and never attempted to locate the child," reports WDSU. (Emphasis added.)

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