Permit problems: Music back at Siberia and Mimi's, and the mayor issues a statement



Last night, following a day of permit discussions at Kermit Ruffins' bar and with city officials, Siberia announced it received a temporary permit to host live music at the St. Claude Avenue bar and venue — and it's looking for slots to fill.

We have a lot of holes to fill in our calendar so anyone looking to set up a show please send a message to:

A big THANKS goes out to everyone who supported us over the past few hectic months!! We are REALLY excited to be back!!!

In July, the city's Department of Revenue suggested the bar pull its live music when it found the bar without a mayoralty permit for live entertainment (the bar's zoning currently prohibits live entertainment). The bar also had acquired a few special event permits for a select number of shows.

Last week, Mimi's in the Marigny became another high-profile venue to cancel its live music schedule, including DJ Soul Sister's bar-filling Hustle! dance parties every Saturday. Bar owner Mimi Dykes suspended the schedule, pending a live entertainment permit. The bar has hosted weekly gigs for countless local artists since 2003.

Last night, Soul Sister announced Hustle! will return to Mimi's this Saturday, Sept. 29, while Dykes works with the city to acquire proper permits — and the regular music schedule will also return.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu issued a statement in a press release:

To be clear, no one from the City asked Mimi’s in the Marigny to stop live entertainment.

I’ve instructed the City’s enforcement agencies to enforce the law fairly and to take a customer-friendly approach. This means that we offer assistance in securing the appropriate permits to businesses that have been offering live music for years. In most cases, the City does not need to immediately issue summonses or administrative subpoenas, if a business owner agrees to work actively to secure the required permits.

To learn how to come into compliance with City law, cultural businesses can contact my Office of Cultural Economy.

We are a city of music, and we are a city of neighborhoods. We will work to strike a balance so that they can exist together.

At Ruffins' meeting, Landrieu's advisor to cultural economy Scott Hutcheson said the city would consider a "moratorium" on enforcing permit compliance as businesses worked with city agencies to apply and be granted the proper permits.

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