OK, so perhaps the Saints aren't doing too well, but what's cool about fall is all the music that's happening. This week Beach House, Amanda Palmer and her Crowdsourced Orchestra, The Walkmen and Stevie Nicks, Melissa Etheridge and Gladys Knight rolled into town, plus the third season of the very musicy Treme premiered. Also, this happened.

(Speaking of music, if you want actual information on fall music and not just silly tweets, check out this week's issue with our fall arts guide and our recent music issue.)

Y@ Speak 9/17-9/23

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Lafayette's Cupid went on The Voice to move beyond his one hit, The Cupid Shuffle. Then he sang Cupid Shuffle, & didn't move onKeith Spera
Coming to a store near you this October! #tallboy
Radio caller just said Goodell hates NOLA because, "HE CAN'T HANDLE DA GUMBO 'N DA BOUDIN." Please stop making an ass of yourself, sir.Jacob J Mayer
Someone on my blog just referred to Mitt Romney as Money Boo Boo. I got nothin' that'll top that. #RomneyEncore #47percentTBogg
I support Marriage equality but i don't think people who organize "Flash Mobs" should be allowed to breed or marry so who should i vote for?cassidy henehan
Fuck you. Start a T-shirt shop RT @HBO Three words on #NOLA from #Treme co-creator Eric Overmyer? "Community. Corruption. Crawfish."skooks
new orleans horn & string sections tonight rocked OUR faces off!!!! MAYHEM ON STAGE!! plus extra pre-show entertainment! #WIN #WIN all roundAmanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer lovin'. @ Tipitina's Shabankareh
Wow. All my bandmates were onstage w @amandapalmer last night. &then I was too. That really happened. Cloud 999,999,999Alexandra Scott
I hope Beach House never stops breaking my heart. @ Tipitina's Gerson
Smash Burger fiasco, Day 2: Have not left toilet. Scared to run on treadmill, swim in pool.Taylor
#FREEFIONA RALLY in my bedroom on the floor in the dark Saturday night; bring your own pillow to cry on and NO DONT TOUCH ME BUT I LOVE YOUChamp Superstar
Butterflies r having a festival in the backyard garden. It's that kind of day in Algiers Point. Happy Thursday y'all.norman robinson
#Illegalaliens & noncitizens have no right to vote in American elections. That's why my new bill would make doing so a deportable offense.David Vitter
If u haven't heard, @MimiMarigny has put all live entertainment on hiatus. HUSTLE Saturdays are off for the time being.DJ Soul Sister
"I am told I resemble a fist." - Weekend Update's James Carville. #snlKaren DaltonBeninato
We have a candidate who has been masterful at distracting attention away from the economy. And that candidate is Mitt Romney.Donna Brazile
Wait, Forbes named the Warehouse District the hippest HIPSTER neighborhood? Clearly no one took them to Bywater.Susan Whelan
.@PaulRyanVP at @AARP Life@50+ event: "The first step to a stronger Medicare is to repeal Obamacare" Road Team
Announced at NOLA premiere Saturday: #Treme renewed for 4th season. Details to follow at Walker
Backstage for Stevie Nicks #Lifeat50 concert @ HUB Suite Gordon
The Walkmen backstage. Thank you gentlemen... mccusker
Well....that suckedJonathan Vilma
Brees "We are going to rally & it’s going to bring us together but guys need to take a hard look at themselves and see how they can improve”New Orleans Saints
Maybe the Saints don't have a permit.Snake and Jakes NOLA
Treme Spoiler: The Saints are going to be a terrible football team in Season 8.Andrew Polk
Hurray For the Riff Raff on Treme! Making my night. #lovethatbandannkpowers
Yo fridge only has Kraft singles and bottled water?? U not my girlfriend.....Spitta

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