Fiona Apple describes her jail experience at Texas concert



It's strange to see singer Fiona Apple covered by soulless gossip outlet TMZ, which lately is occupied with following the Lohanification of "retired" actress Amanda Bynes and the latest Royal Family nude photo scandals. Apple's music these days isn't very mainstream-accessible, and plus she doesn't even really leave the house, so seeing her alongside news about Tanning Mom is bizarre.

But TMZ picked up the news of Apple's arrest in Sierra Blanca, Texas for possession of hashish and marijuana, even publishing a picture of her mugshot (she was later released on bail). And now it has a video of her recounting her brush with the law at a Friday concert in Houston (cue opening bars to "Criminal").

In the video, she says the guy running the jail is a "decent guy" and she apologized for being "attitudey" toward him. She also said most of the people there were nice, but she singled out four people who "laughed at [her] all night" and alluded to them partaking in some possibly illegal activities. "I wrote it all down with your names and everything you did and said, stupidly thinking that I couldn't hear or see you," she said.

She performs in New Orleans tonight at a sold-out House of Blues show. We'll see if she decides reveal any more about her jail nemeses.


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