Tom Benson makes Forbes' list of wealthiest Americans


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Tom Benson
  • Tom Benson
Forbes has issued its annual list of the 400 richest Americans, and the only Louisianan to make this year's tally is Tom Benson, who comes in at No. 360 with an estimated net worth of $1.2 billion. Writes Forbes:

Tom Benson expanded his New Orleans sports monopoly by purchasing the NBA's Hornets for $338 million in April 2012. Unfortunately, his football team, the Saints, has been mired in scandal surrounding a pay-for-injury "bounty" program coordinated by former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Benson also offered to buy the Times-Picayune newspaper after its corporate owners decided to cut back the print edition to three issues per week. His other New Orleans ventures include auto dealerships, the city's FOX television affiliate, and real estate, including the newly renamed Benson Tower.

The "corporate owners" to whom Forbes refers also made the list. Donald Newhouse was ranked No. 51 with an estimated boodle of $6.6 billion:

Donald Newhouse oversees the newspaper portion of Advance Publications, which runs local papers in more than 25 American cities. In the face of continued pressures on the newspaper industry Advance began to reduce the number of print edition published each week for a number of their papers .In October the Times-Picayune will publish three printed issues a week, making New Orleans the largest American city without a daily paper. Brother "S.I." or "Si" takes care of magazines under the Condé Nast banner.

And S.I. Newhouse came in just ahead at No. 46, with $7.4 billion.


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