Lewis Black performs in New Orleans Sunday



Comedy Central and Daily Show with Jon Stewart regular Lewis Black is performing at the Mahalia Jackson Theater Sunday. He spoke with Gambit last week.

One of the things he talked about was his interest in theater. He was interested in theater in college and said he tried standup mostly to give it a try and to meet women. In his first show at Chapel Hill, North Carolina's Cat's Cradle (now in Carrboro) he bombed because he was nervous onstage, he says. And he pursued professional theater, until years later when he got comfortable onstage and realized comedy is more lucrative, at least for him.

He's still active in theater and has a play, One Small Hitch, being produced in New Jersey.

But if just talking about politics and cellphones seems to set him off, here's what he had to say about theater:

"The American theater can really beat you up. Even returning to theater now, it’s like an abusive orphanage, where all these folks gather who have little problems, big problems, whatever — and they try to gather together and make a family. And if the administration of the theater doesn’t f—k you over, there’s a director who’s a complete psychotic who’s gonna make your life miserable. And you do all the work and everything gets done and then a critic tells you you’re a piece of shit. And then you get nothing for it. At the end, they say, ‘Nice job, here’s a bowl of gruel.’"

So will he be seeing any theater while in town? Probably not. But he professed a love for Cochon and oysters.

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