Mayor's Administration clamping down on second line parade vendors



Mr. Ellester - second line vendor, creator of the Obama Burger
  • Big Red Cotton
  • Mr. Ellester - second line vendor, creator of the 'Obama Burger'

Our friend’s over at Uptown Messenger report that Mayor Landrieu’s office drafted legislation creating permit fees for vendors at second lines and prohibiting alcohol sales. So much for the culture-friendly administration we all hoped for when we voted for the former Lieutenant Governor with a penchant for shaking tambourines and ass with the Mardi Gras Indians.

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The ordinance, which is sponsored by Councilperson Diana Bajoie on behalf of the Landrieu administration and slated to be voted on at Thursday’s council meeting, would “require a permit from those vendors, prevent them from being at any given location 45 minutes before or after the parade passes it, prevent them from selling alcoholic beverages, and require them to post a menu, keep a trash can nearby and pick up all litter in a 10-foot radius from their spot.”

The 45 minute rule, in addition to the vendor license, are the most daunting of all the restrictions for these vendors. Many of the vendors get to the parades early in the morning and get to the last stop way ahead of time to ensure they get prime spot near the center of the action. Paraders will be equally disappointed in prohibitions on selling alcoholic beverages. No more “Cole Cole Heinekens”.

They sing songs about haters, mayors that fall out of favor. Nagin got one. And there will be a second line song written about this one. BELIEVE. THAT.


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