So much for being an NFL "Expert"



A sampling of last weeks Gambit Gridiron Game Results
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  • A sampling of last week's Gambit Gridiron Game Results

Every year for the past four years, Gambit has allowed me to write the Saints' season preview presuming that I knew something about football. This year, they also asked me to join Gambit's Gridiron Game as a VIP picking NFL games every week, I guess also assuming I knew something about the NFL.

After one week, I'm just glad that sportswriters aren't ever held accountable for what they write. As you can see from the screencap above, I managed to pick a whopping seven games correctly last week (less than half the games played). Gus Kattengell, who's been at nearly every Saints practice since training camp, is only two correct picks ahead of me. Margo DuBos, who spends most of her time at Gambit HQ in Mid-City, leads all VIPs.

So there you have it: if you want to be an expert NFL pick 'em player, don't quit your day job. No, seriously.

Also, congrats to our week 1 local winner, Johnny Chimeno of River Ridge and our national week 1 winner, Joe Limpert of Catonsville, Maryland. Both of whom I can only assume are very happy with their jobs.

Anyway, hit the jump if you want to my picks for this week and laugh at the notion that I thought Chicago could have beat Green Bay last night.

My week 2 picks
  • My week 2 picks

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