Denver kids: Don't wear your Peyton Manning jersey to school



Kids in one Denver-area school district aren't being allowed to wear the jersey of Broncos QB Peyton Manning to school. Why?

For several years, the district has imposed a strict dress code that forbids students from wearing certain clothing that could be associated with gangs, including jerseys with the No. 18, which could represent the city's 18th Street gang.

The issue hasn't been a problem until this year, when the Broncos signed free agent Manning, who has worn No. 18 throughout his NFL career. It is also the most popular jersey in the country, according to

Other forbidden jersey numbers:

Along with 18 for the 18th Street gang, the numbers 13, which is affiliated with the Sureño gang, and 14, which is affiliated with the Norteño gang, are not acceptable. Their reverse (81, 31 and 41) are also banned.

Well, there's always Eli, unless there's some 10th Street Gang we haven't heard about.

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