LA/SPCA #Isaac update: closed until power returns




In anticipation of Hurricane Isaac, the Louisiana SPCA (which serves as the city's animal shelter and animal control) moved 87 cats and 56 dogs to shelters in Texas, and 35 dogs (and one cat) were transported to St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey.

The SPCA of Texas posted a photo gallery of Isaac-affected animals arriving at its shelter, and the national SPCA has kept a blog with updates about Gulf Coast pets (the Texas shelters reported dozens of adoptions following the arrival of the LA/SPCA animals).

The staff on-site at the Algiers shelter is caring for 100 animals, but the shelter is closed to the public until power is restored. LA/SPCA officials will announce when it can reopen — it currently only is responding to emergencies. If you see an animal-related emergency, call animal control at 504-368-5191 ext. 100 and leave a detailed message including name, address, contact information and details of the situation. A dispatcher is on duty manning calls. SPCA communications director Jennifer Albrecht says they're hoping to be up and running as early as next week, much like the rest of the city.

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