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Storm's a comin'! Time to freak out on the Internet!! Twitter during the last 48 hours looks like an episode of The Newsroom. Chill out, guys! Everything will be OK (unless it isn't). Also this week: tweets about Legitimate Ape Todd Akin, a local news anchor and important government spokesman get feisty, Robin Williams eats a hot dog, and tweeters react both positively and negatively to the results of our annual Best of New Orleans readers' poll.

Y@ Speak: 8/20-8/26

Storified by Gambit · Mon, Aug 27 2012 09:01:57
Let's put Akin & Jindal together and see if they can exorcise this demon called Pregnancy once and for all.liprap
@liprap Rosemary's Baby obviously not legitimate rape.skooks
It's "you're," Todd. "You're." http://yfrog.com/esgoypdaveweigel
If anyone is in charge of the Banksy, the plexiglass is broken & troglodites are defacing it. http://instagr.am/p/OmsfpoDYr0/Pontchartrain Pete
Ms. Ashley, the Queen of Bourbon St., displaying the whistle given to her from NOPD. #OnlyinNOLA http://twitpic.com/am9o26uǝןɐʞ
I-Team: As we reported yesterday, today and will continue to follow - Ray Nagin ABSOLUTELY subpoenaed to Grand Jury. More @wdsu & Wed at 5/6Travers Mackel
LSU’s new football stadium lighting is ridiculous (via @LSUherbvin, @fratmatt13) http://yfrog.com/es14dqjjdarren rovell
I-Team: Stick with @wdsu for ALL CORRECT info on Nagin case. http://www.wdsu.com/news/investigations/Attorney-confirms-Nagin-subpoena-report-says-former-mayor-cooperating/-/13627428/16224948/-/n0dkxyz/-/index.htmlTravers Mackel
So thrilled our new investigative reporter,david hammer joins us at 5pm http://pic.twitter.com/8f2U0C9EAngela Hill
B/c I didn't want to suffer through 7 meetings of your tweets and commentary. @TheLensNOLA @The_GambitRyan Berni
I puked in a room that had MEN written on the door in sharpie #UNOHayley Loquita
Waiting in Doctor's office and just had the best half an hour nap in years. May ask to buy this couch.Mike Hoss
Six years ago this month I received my first assignment for The Times-Picayune. I leave the newsroom for the last time today.Danny Monteverde
“Tinkering with the waiter system would surely bring about absolute and total destruction.” http://www.nola.com/dining/index.ssf/2012/08/galatoires_purchases_adjacent.htmlBrett
It was one of the fascinating nights in my life.July 20, 1969.He made a small step for man and a giant leap for mankind. RIP Neil ArmstrongWendell Pierce
Look who we saw at @datdognola....Robin Williams aka "Mrs. Doubtfire" @ Dat Dog http://instagr.am/p/OxYbHxPoxd/Brittany Victoria
Nah, Times-Pic doesn't need to print a paper until Wednesday. There's probably no hurricane news or anything until then.Will Samuels
Oh no! US punditocracy, gathered in Tampa to cover a non-news event, now has to cover...weather.Harry Shearer
"When I first opened my bakery no one believed in me.. Strong will and focus" Dwight Henry @BeastsTheMovie #SuperSoulSoundayOprah Winfrey
What if they forget to evacuate Oprah? #NOLAMovieProblems #IsaacKaren DaltonBeninato
Kitchen evac tip #10: Don't forget the Oreos. Pack healthy snacks, but you will want/need your particular comfort food.Judy Walker
Dear GOP: Cancel the convention. Nothing is going to make you look worse than talking about 'class warfare' while a hurricane hits NOLA.Will McAvoy
The menu here lists "bowtie pasta salad with sundry tomatoes."Alison Fensterstock
Has anyone thought about putting the WDSU @parades tracker on #Isaac so people can get a decent bead on where it is?skooks
People running out to buy alcohol should be ashamed of themselves. Why don’t these people keep a weeks worth of alcohol at home normally?ɥʇıǝʞ
Mayor says Orleans Parish could see drop in water pressure and loss of power with #HurricaneIsaac. So, just like any other week.Toffleresque
7 yr anniversary of K and now Isaac. Wow! Every1 on gulf coast and N.O. stay on alert. Little time left to react. Prepare now.CRayNagin
Bob Breck is the Kanye West of local meteorologists.MyNameIsJohnMichael
I did see new @the_gambit Best of New Orleans issue today, & I thank the readers for voting me "Best DJ" 6th yr in a row. Touched. Bless u.DJ Soul Sister
Super cool that @nolacomedy (La Nuit Theater) wins best "Comedy Venue" in New Orleans and that Gambit voters win "Biggest Group of Morons".Andrew Polk


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