The Hayride's "legitimate rape" cartoon goes viral


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The Hayride is a pugnacious, fiercely conservative website covering Louisiana and national politics. Each day, publisher Scott McKay sends out "The Nooner," an email with summaries and links to stories both on the Hayride and in the national media.

But a cartoon on today's Hayride by writer/cartoonist Tom Bonnette has stirred some controversy. We're not going to reprint the cartoon here (it's a play on Rep. Todd Akin's now-infamous reference to "legitimate rape," and titled "Do We Really Want To Keep Talking About Akin?"), but here are some of the reactions:


I emailed McKay (who posts on the Hayride as "MacAoidh"), because I wasn't quite sure who the rapist was supposed to be (Uncle Sam? Bill Clinton?). His response under the jump.

It's Uncle Sam, not Clinton. McKay's comment:

We try to be provocative here - and that means pushing the envelope from time to time. And when you push the envelope you're not always going to make everyone happy. We notice how the Akin "scandal" is big news in a week in which the CBO has predicted the fourth straight year of trillion-dollar deficits and unemployment rising over nine percent next year, and Tom's cartoon seeks to remind people that America has much larger problems and much larger real suffering to address than the manufactured hurt feelings over one stupid comment from a bad Senate candidate.


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