Y@ Speak: Zoo Orleans



"Lions, tigers, bears/ I'm an animal." — Mr. Ghetto, "Lion King Bounce."
This city is going to the dogs — and camels, ostriches, rattlesnakes and pythons. Also this week: storm porn, 10th Ward Buck makes an announcement, Kermit Ruffins has a divorce party and Drew Brees adds to his brood.

Y@ Speak 8/13-8/19

Storified by Gambit · Mon, Aug 20 2012 08:25:18
In the case of Juggalos v. United States, the court finds Cotton Candy don't get wet until it's in yo mouth.Jason Saul
Feels good to be back in the states!Anthony Davis
The Romney/Ryan ticket reunites both the Darrens from Bewitched.Mat Johnson
@nolanolegal @JuliaPretus @skooks @karlschott @brianpmoore666 just made this on my lunch break: http://frobba.com/neauxla/Geoff G
The Times Picayune deserves whatever happens to it. http://pic.twitter.com/c9Fwa3YwScotland Green
BREAKING: Nola Dot Com calls election with 0 precincts reporting. RT @NOLAnews: Paul Ryan traveled perilous budget path to VP spotFake Times-Picayune
Heads up: Using a debit card at Court of Two Sisters requires a $150 separate hold in addition to yr charge for some inexplicable reason.Champ Superstar
The movie Titanic never gets old!Lance Moore
@NOLAnews @whereyatnola @The_Gambit this is what city hall looks like as ppl appeal their prop. tax http://twitpic.com/ajtd34Alexander McConduit
You guys all know by now that Deadspin writes a "Why Your Team Sucks" about every team, right?Josh Flagner
NOPD will have a checkpoint in the "Orleans Parish area." So THAT'S what the 'O' stands for. All this time ...Ryan Smith
I'm running for city council y'all. 10th Ward Buck. Ballot name Marlon J. Horton.buck is back
Storm over the city. Big lightning show. @MargaretOrr http://pic.twitter.com/f1vMLxDWScott Walker
@kermitruffins is sharing Moët & @RebirthBB is performing in celebration of Kermit's divorce Kermit's Treme Speakeasy http://pic.twitter.com/3FhqZTlJBasin Street Records
Brittany and I are proud to say that Callen Christian Brees was born yesterday evening in New Orleans. Mama and baby boy are happy & healthyDrew Brees
Marlin Gusman on Ch. 12 City Park documentary just talked about walking his dogs, Rufus & Chaka Khan.Pontchartrain Pete
Cupcake Throwdown bout to go down. From 1pm-4pm today @ St Roch Comm Church-Nola. #nolamix http://pic.twitter.com/qxUfm0uZDJ Yamin
Here for @610Stompers audition on Frenchman St. Supporting @ScottWalker6 and his big tryout! http://yfrog.com/espb9izjFletcher Mackel
I've just been told that it is illegal to wear an alligator costume in Louisiana. Google seems to confirm.Rien Fertel
Getting ready for the ostrich and camel races. http://pic.twitter.com/PRU7FnFWWWNO 89.9 FM
OSTRICH RACES @ Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots http://instagr.am/p/OfSCasggKK/Adrian Muniz
Fair Grounds Ostrich racing, camels up in about 20. http://pic.twitter.com/9u7AGmcxTravers Mackel
Camel races at the fairgrounds turn out to be somewhat disastrous @wdsu http://twitvid.com/WACIWmegan kerry spencer
new orleans has some fucked up ducksAmber Eeeeeee
Safe landing in NOLA . Turbulence & rainshowers. Thank you JC and all for your #prayersOprah Winfrey
About to fly out to NOLA to start my first chapter as a Hornet!Ryan Anderson
Hey, @RepToddAkin. I hope you get LEGITIMATELY raped by an aggressive male gorilla. Your body will find ways to shut down. Don't worry.Joe Cardosi
@MargaretOrr The beautiful calm after the storm. http://pic.twitter.com/iyeS5HFpRebecca Fontane
So Fox 8 news isn't going to reveal what kind of snake is loose uptown til 10? (Does the snake have a twitter yet?)Alison Fensterstock
FYI I also noticed python meat on sale at Rouses this week. Right next to the ostrich and rattlesnake pictured here. http://pic.twitter.com/oYvlfNsLskooks

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