Can't trust S&WB with rate hike, letter says



New Orleans Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux told Mayor Mitch Landrieu today that the Sewerage & Water Board (S&WB) shouldn’t be allowed to manage any more money — unless it does so under intense scrutiny — because it is “the most likely of the City’s component entities to engage in fraud, waste, and abuse according to standard risk assessment technology.”

In a letter to the mayor dated today (Tuesday, July 31), the inspector general proferred comments about the S&WB so solutions to potential problems he pointed out could be addressed in the legislation necessary to enact S&WB rate hikes.

Quatrevaux pointed out problems that could make the S&WB pension plan unsustainable, waste and possible fraud in employee insurance programs and publicly funded take-home cars (one of every seven S&WB employees has a take-home car). Quatrevaux also mentioned problems in contract management and a questionable procurement process.
Landrieu was not immediately available for comment.

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