This week was so full of America. President Barack Obama rolled into town, caused a traffic jam and played the bass. In true American fashion, we got mad on the Internet because people are saying we shouldn't eat a fast-food chicken sandwich. And finally, we saw the arrival of the Summer Olympics, whose pageantry and poignant medal ceremonies distract us from the problems going on in our country and around the world. Let freedom ring. Also this week: locals eulogize Hubig's, Nicki Minaj loves New Orleans, and Oprah Winfrey and Anthony Bourdain spent time in the city.

Y@ Speak 7/23-7/29

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I can't fuckin believe there is no where in this city serving chicken and waffles at this hour..... I gotta run for officeSpitta
Causeway tolls replaced with a two-drink minimum. #consentdecreeFake Times-Picayune
Today's "Chivalry isn't dead!" moment: Transvestite street performer Jason checking w/ women @ the bar before using the ladies' room.uǝןɐʞ
Let's open the discussion about using Kickstarter for restaurants. My instinct is: That's what banks are for.Brett Martin
Hundreds of people are eating great looking food truck food on OC Haley as part of #nolaneighbors food truck symposium Lavin
"Oh Say Can You See"( view from NOLA restaurant) Happiest moment: when you think about what it means to liv Winfrey
I haven't even been there yet but I'm kind of looking forward to the day they implode the Fresh Market.skooks
Three older kids @sarah_santorum @dansantorum @johnsantorum just joined us at Chick-fil-A. They like Chick-fil-A sauce on everything!Rick Santorum
With two of my boys, Enjoying chick-in-strips and an awesome peach shake at Chick-fil-A. See you here next Wednesday!Rick Santorum
This constant talk about @chickfila has me wanting one of their chicken sandwiches so fucking bad. I'll blow a dude after to make up for it.Andrew Polk
100 min. and waiting for NOPD to show up at scene of a car accident involving my wife. And a police station is directly across the street.Larry Holder
i am a grown ass woman over 50@ABSOLUTvodka_USChefLindaGreen
After being laid off, I'm excited to announce my next career move. Guys ... I'll be taking night classes to finally learn how to Dougie.Ryan Smith
Obama playing bass at HOB!!!
Pres. Obama greets supporters. Anderson
Obama! You can see him waving from the back window! Biggers
Next time I come down drinks are on me. Huge applause. #obama in New Orleans DaltonBeninato
President Obama addressing Natl Urban League Convention, crowd going wild. @WWLTV #nul12 Dall
Man Obama need to go back where ever he came from #Bumper2Bumper H
New Orleans is one big garage sale to Tom Benson.Vintage Orleans
Storm is coming. This is looking from Spanish Plaza toward West Bank. #nola Satchfield
I'm urging Newhouse to sell @NOLANews so we can keep it as daily. An online platform can never replace a printed daily paper. #NOLA #SELADavid Vitter
Wow WWL news is reporting that Twitter was down. All I got to say on that, New Orleans.Alex P-G
Just finished dedicating the 13 ft bronze Rebirth statue with Steve Gleason outside at Superdome. Special day for Nola Brees
Every eaten a coconut and pineapple Hubig pie at the same time? Like a fried Daiquiri #pieloverBlake
I hadn't realized the Industrial Revolution was so danceable. RT @sarahlyall: #olympics Here comes the Industrial Revolution.Campbell Robertson
#openingceremonies What the?! Sorry, this is awful. Feel like I'm watching the white version of Roots. Hope it gets better.Don Lemon
Btw...Eric Paulsen kept his promise and left an apple pie on my desk. Sorry Mayor. You'll have to find your own.Paul Murphy
Also my favorite Facebook comment on the #Hubigs fire: "Don't worry, they're Hubig to fail."Alison Fensterstock
And amid all this crime news, I'm heading out of the office for the last time. Been a privilege to work at the T-P for last 5 1/2 yrs.Brendan McCarthy
Baby presented Nicki her plaque on stageρrincess кαi†ℓyn
I told Louisiana no one's fucking with them and I meant it with every fiber of my being. Best crowd ever. WoW. #pinkfridaytourNicki Minaj
Just finished my m&g. I can listen to the new orleans accent for the rest of my life and not get sick of it.Nicki Minaj
WTF were Destinee Hooker's parents thinking. #olympics #VolleyballBasin Street Records
Snake and Jakes. Rumored to be next UNESCO world heritage site #NOLA Bourdain

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