Hubig's Pies fire? There's a T-shirt for that



The embers at Hubig's Pies are still smoldering after a five-alarm fire this morning that burned the Marigny factory to the ground, but fear not, New Orleanians — you can support the rebuilding efforts and show solidarity with a T-shirt. Now through Friday, August 3, Fun Rock'n and Pop City owner Rhonda Findley will donate 100 percent of proceeds from "any pie-related shirt" to Hubig's Pies' recovery efforts. "It's a devastating loss for the cultural fabric of the Marigny, and I hope he rebuilds in the neighborhood," says Findley, whose business office is also in the Marigny.

Pie-related T-shirts start at $22, and all proceeds benefit Hubigs Pies
  • Pie-related T-shirts start at $22, and all proceeds benefit Hubig's Pies

Findley also encourages people to purchase authorized Hubig's T-shirts straight from the source, online at the Hubig's website. "Go to the website and buy the T-shirt," Findley says. "This is a way to support someone who is part of what makes living in New Orleans so special."

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