Deep South by Suroeste showcases films about Latinos



The outrageous saga of El Gallo (trailer above) is one of the highlights of the Deep South by Suroeste film showcase at the Contemporary Arts Center Saturday. The showcase is the work of a partnership between the Charitable Film Network (based locally at Antenna Gallery) and Sergio Carvajal's Facundo International, based in Austin, Texas. For their premiere event, Carvajal curated a showcase of short films, most by filmmakers with ties to the film studies program at the University of Texas at Austin. At 40 minutes, the first episode of his dark comedy El Gallo: Pepe Kid is the longest. The films run the gamut of genres and subjects. Some take place in Texas, some in Mexico and Peru. Some are in Spanish and subtitled, some are in English, and some are bilingual. Two of the films were screened at the Cannes Film Festival and all are impressive. More on Deep South by Suroeste here.

Carvejal created Facundo with partners Alejandro Yrausquin and Romina Olson. They have created the first few installments of the El Gallo saga and plan to make it a multimedia platform, with apps and other releases. Their production company also has video animation capabilities.

Carvejal is a native of Venezuela but he noticed in Texas that everyone assumes he's of Mexican ancestry, like many Latinos in the state. El Gallo is his farcical attempt to discover what being Mexican means. Most of it takes place in Texas, as Pepe tries to recover the magical rooster that was stollen from him. Another humorous trailer is after the break.

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