Free jazz saxophonist performs at Zeitgeist Friday



Jazz saxophonist Arthur Doyle has pursued his unique and eventful career largely outside of the public eye. Most of his recordings are on small, hard to find labels. He grew up in Alabama and gravitated to the Nashville scene where he played with everyone from future Sun Ra Arkestra members to Gladys Knight. At 25 years old, he looked to have a great musical career ahead of him. He also was marginally involved in the civil rights movement and eventually left the country to live in France. There he was accused of rape, convicted and imprisoned. Doyle always maintained his innocence, and eventually the accusation was recanted and he was freed. Although he was not allowed to have an instrument during his five years in prison, he composed more than 150 songs during that time. He's become active again in the United States in recent years. He performs Friday, July 13, at Zeitgeist with a group of local musicians interested in free jazz and improvisational music. They include guitarists Rob Cambre and Donald Miller, bassist Bill Hunsiger, drummer Balazs Pani, trumpeter Dylan Angell and digital sampler Rob Peterson.

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