Tweakout. Noun. A term defined by writer Foster Kamer and Gawker commenters used to describe the kind of unhinged freakout that tends to happen pretty easily on Twitter. Unlike a blog or on Facebook, where you can start to write a big chunk of crazy, read over it, come to your senses, and then sensibly decide to scrap the whole thing, once you're headed down a rapid spiral paved by 140-character histrionics, it's hard to stop.

It seems the heat is adversely affecting all of us lately: although not Tila Tequila-level meltdowns, New Orleans Twitter did witness two minor tweakouts this week prompted by a fatty pork chop and a Twitter impostor. Welcome to the inaugural mid-week Very Special Y@ Speak: Summer Meltdowns.

Tweakout 1: Editilla vs. Bacchanal
Twitter sometimes becomes sort of a slightly less passive-aggressive (or just aggressive) version of Yelp, with unsatisfied diners tweeting restaurants with their complaints — and when those restaurants' Twitter accounts are run by the chef/owner or an employee and not a polite PR or ad firm, things can get ugly (see also: the great Company Burger Twitter scuffle).

On Sunday, the New Orleans Ladder blogger/prolific local tweeter known as Editilla the Pun took to Twitter to complain about his experience at the Bywater spot Bacchanal. In a series of profane, y'at inflected tweets (which you can see more of in Eater NOLA's good rundown of the whole thing ), he complained of slow service, an inadequate salad, being served with plastic utensils and then, finally, an unsatisfactory pork chop.


This prompted whoever is handling the Bacchanal Twitter account to respond with this string of tweets that included a sort-of endorsement from actor Seth Rogen:

But regardless of the Rogen invocation, the tweets prompted another diatribe from Editilla that included such missives as ...

He was so incensed that he was even tweeting at himself.

But in seems in the end, the pork chops were the victors of this war, settled by Times-Picayune film critic Mike Scott, who got to ask Rogen himself about the controversial chops.


Tweakout 2: Fletcher Mackel vs. Fake Fletcher Mackel
Sort of putting him in the same category of Kanye West and Tina Fey, WDSU sports anchor Fletcher Mackel had someone impersonating him on Twitter ... and he was not having that! He went off on the impostor in a stream of tweets and in a video:


Eventually, the fake account was suspended — but don't you even dare think about starting your own fake Fletcher Mackel account. The Louisiana State Police (????) are onto you! (Maybe he's just talking about this guy?)

Mackel also mentioned looking into getting his account verified. Good luck, friend: it took SNL alum Ana Gasteyer an Internet campaign and many sad photos to get her account verified.

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