Saucy’s BBQ coming to Magazine Street


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A mixed barbecue platter from Saucys original location.
  • Ian McNulty
  • A mixed barbecue platter from Saucy's original location.

When Ignatius Eatery moved a few blocks down Magazine Street earlier this year, taking over the location of the Rue de la Course coffee house, there was some speculation that perhaps Rue de la Course would simply swap addresses and set up at the old Ignatius location. After all, both the restaurant and the coffee house share the same owner, and even their tables and chairs were identical.

But it turns out the former Ignatius location will be something else altogether. Saucy’s BBQ, formerly of Metairie, is ready to start smoking its meats there, and its owners report they’re now just waiting on city licenses to open their doors.

The former Ignatius location, soon to be Saucys BBQ.
  • Ian McNulty
  • The former Ignatius location, soon to be Saucy's BBQ.

Gary Kurz and Rich Labutut first opened Saucy’s last September near Metairie’s Lakeside Shopping Center. Self-described barbecue fanatics, the two friends said they started Saucy’s because they were dissatisfied with the state of local barbecue. But in order to court a reliable lunch crowd at their Metairie address, they said, they found themselves adding items to the menu that had little to do with their barbecue passion, like wraps and salads.

They closed that original location in May and have since moved their smoker and other gear to Magazine Street. Their new menu has been revised, nixing the wraps and salads and putting more focus on their St. Louis-style dry rub ribs, brisket, pulled pork and sausages. The menu includes barbecue-covered nachos, quesadillas and links of smoked boudin. Labutut says they plan to add smoked chickens soon, with an option for whole birds to bring home for the dinner table.

Saucy’s will be BYOB, serving lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday.

Saucy’s BBQ

4200 Magazine St., 301-2755


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