Best of 2011-2012 Second Line Season



Farewell second line season. Although we’re all sad its over, can you truly say you’re eager to run out into the hot cloak of swamp heat and dance across our raggedy streets for four hours in it?? I sure in the hell aint bout that - although to be honest you know I’d be trying cause we all aint got good sense when it comes to saying no to the call of the line. Thank God the City saves us from ourselves by refusing to provide police escorts during those most sweltering months.

So until we meet again late August with the Valley of Silent Men’s parade, lets review some of the highlights of this year’s only in New Orleans traditions. And feel free to leave comments as to your favorite moments.

Remember this guy did his whole parade by himself rather than taking the chance of losing up their annual parade day? Second liners packed it and cheered him on the whole way.

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This parade moment came right on the heels of a particularly bloody week in New Orleans. It was so heartwarming to see YMO showing that real brotherly love.

An favorite annual ritual: Crossing the canal with the CTC Steppers

The Divine Ladies is always one of the hypest, energy-to-the-last-drop parade of the year.

Rooftop and footwork master T-Ray Roberts closing out the Single Ladies Parade

Revolution - one of the best clubs to do it.

The Lady Buckjumpers parade gives so much love to the streets. Their coming out was sexy and fulla fire

Old and Nu Style worked those suits out!

The Money Wasters and TBC Brass Band tore it down in these here streets!


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