There's all sorts of creatures in this week's roundup including mutant albino spiders, urban elephants, an aggressive Slidell dolphin and David Vitter. Also this week: controversial tweets from Drew Brees, Snake and Jakes' position on bubblegum vodka and NOLA Pride Festival.

Y@ Speak 6/18-24

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My 4-year-old this morning: "I'm only getting out of bed for parties." Yeah, I know some people like that.Todd A. Price
Eleven lbs of delicious French butter, with an apple for scale. James Cheese Co.
If NFL fans were told there were "weapons of mass destruction" enough times, they'd believe it. But what happens when you don't find any????Drew Brees
My WMD comment has nothing to do with politics or our brave military. Merely an analogy to show how media influences public perceptionDrew Brees
I apologize if the WMD comment offended anyone. Especially our military. There is no one I respect more than our service men and womenDrew Brees
how in the fuck does Bubba Gump Shrimp Company NOT HAVE BOX OF CHOCOLATES ON THEIR DESSERT MENU. who the fuck do they think they areChris Trew
How do they explain how the spiders come from underground in Arachnoquake? NOLA's below sea level. They would drown, right? #thoughtsAlison Fensterstock
I was just told: 'You look great, considering.'Brett Anderson
Circus parade in downtown Nola. Heck
Logged my first accidental click. Hey, who can resist a miniature Stonehenge on St. Claude to celebrate the Solstice?Varg Vargas
VP Joe Biden in downtown New Orleans tonight to address National Association of Black Journalists Convention. Speech at 7 pm. @NABJ @WWLTVTania Dall
It irritates me to no end that Fox, after grabbing millions in La. tax credits, won't screen Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for local critics.Mike Scott
Here's the thing. It is literally impossible to have a dull day in New Orleans.Impossible.Chris Boyd
you ever had a dream you was performin oral sex ??? and you can feel yo head moving back and forth ????IMSISSY NOBBY
Foie gras and berry tarts. Oh, and LAMB BACON. #bagrubcrawlnola kickoff! @ Restaurant August Appetit Magazine
AP stories about the financial health of Olive Garden's parent company on the front page of WELCOME TO THE FUTURE.Matt
do you ever get the feeling that fiona apple is high maintenance?JasonSonge
it turns out tom fitzmorris is a pretty damn good singer??tomorrow's  child
Smart car with a Delgado sticker. Someone is over compensating...Bob Murrell
Except priests. @washingtonpost: Lawyer for Victim 5: "You can't do heinous things to little boys and get away with it..." #Sandusky”Toffleresque
We are a dive bar. We will never have no bubble gum vodka. If there is such at thing.Snake and Jakes NOLA
Happy Pride! #NOLA Mistrot
New Orleans #Gay Pride parade was an amazing experience! #GayPride! #equality #love #rainbow #nola #neworle Martinez
Today in Things I Didn't Know to Worry About: Martin
I just discovered my spirit animal, the "Rogue Dolphin" Minx
I enjoyed a little road trip this weekend driving my son Jack to space camp. He is pretty excited.David Vitter
Pit bulls know when it's Sunday.... U can just tell man .... Yeah God u did us a favor when u made dogs... Thanks homes...Spitta

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