Portland, Ore. is about to get the online Newhouse treatment



Screenshot from OregonLive.com
  • Screenshot from OregonLive.com
Next week, the residents of Portland, Ore. are going to get Newhouseized. On Tuesday, OregonLive.com — the website of their daily paper, The Oregonian — is getting a familiar makeover:

Users of the site will see a redesigned homepage and navigation system beginning Tuesday, June 26. We're excited about these upcoming changes and we believe the improved experience will enable you to more easily find the content you're looking for, whether it's breaking news from The Oregonian, event listings from across the state or high school sports news about your school.

The Oregonian is one of the newspapers in the Advance Publications chain, just like The Times-Picayune. Its website, OregonLive.com, has the same relationship to the paper that NOLA.com does to the T-P.

Meanwhile, one of the city's alt-weeklies, Willamette Week, asks the obvious questions:

WW emailed Oregonian publisher N. Christian Anderson III asking if Monday's announcement would have any bearing on The O, its publication schedule, corporate structure or staffing levels.

His response is as follows:

Do you honestly think I would tell in you advance if any changes were going to be announced?

Of course not; that's what David Carr is for.

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