Café Ralphie adds dinner



Oyster boat pasta at Cafe Ralphie.

Café Ralphie, which I reviewed a few weeks ago, is the type of restaurant I just love to find. It’s the type of place that rewards the optimistic local eater’s confidence that behind even an ordinary façade you might just discover some great Louisiana cooking.

In this case, it also had a good Louisiana story to match because Café Ralphie is basically the reincarnation of Barataria, a Lakeview restaurant closed since Hurricane Katrina. It has the same family owners serving many of the same dishes in a new location, this time a Metairie strip mall.

My one serious disappointment with Café Ralphie was that is served only breakfast, lunch and Sunday brunch, and I felt that its baked oyster dishes, seafood entrees and soups and such would all make great dinner fare over a bottle of wine.

As it turns out, Café Ralphie has now added dinner, albeit on a limited basis, serving from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. At the same time, breakfast has been cut back to Saturday only. There’s still brunch on Sundays and lunch is served Tuesday through Saturday.

In addition, Café Ralphie hosts a “supper club” once a month, with candlelight and a more elaborate menu. The next edition is Friday, June 29. Café Ralphie remains BYOB.

Café Ralphie
5024 W. Esplanade Ave., 889-7770

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