Arachnoquake: the final countdown



It's just five days until the premiere of the Louisiana film event of the year, Beasts of the Southern Wild Arachnoquake, the SyFy original movie in which New Orleans is nearly destroyed by giant albino spiders from beneath the earth.

Spoiler: Looks like St. Louis Cathedral and much of the CBD don't make it:



How can we properly salute such a cinematic achievement and wise use of Hollywood South tax credits? With a pizza-and-beer screening at Pizza Nola Saturday night, of course. And you're invited.

So here's the deal: Will Samuels, owner of PIzza Nola, will be setting up an outdoor screen (bring your lawn chairs, blankets, whatever — but no Mardi Gras ladders). Samuels promises "A Night of At Least a Couple of Stars." Hoping to attend: Arachnoquake actors Dane Rhodes and Lucky Johnson (among Lucky's other notable roles: "Pimpin Kev" in the 2007 straight-to-video epic Da Block Party 2), as well as director Griff Furst.

Active Entertainment, which produced the movie, is sending over door prizes, including a pair of bats (we're not sure why) and some signage used in the movie. There will also be some Pizza Nola gift certificates to give away, and we'll be raiding the Gambit schwag closet for our own giveaways as well.

The party is free, but no outside food or drink is allowed (duh) — be a sport and buy a slice or a brew to help Samuels pay for this swanky premiere.

It all starts at 7:30 p.m. Sat. June 23, with the movie screening at 8 p.m. Here's the Facebook page for the event ... and here's the exciting trailer, starring Tracey Gold and Edward Furlong:

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