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The inevitable Times-Picayune bloodbath happened. Among the many casualties was award-winning food critic Brett Anderson โ€” who was later rehired? โ€” which really pissed off the Internet. Other firings sparked similar outrage among Twitter users. Congratulations Advance: you've now moved to the top of New Orleans' shit list, the most terrifying place to be in the world. As T-P contributor Todd A. Price said in a tweet, "Does the Newhouse family realize that New Orleanians know how to hold a grudge?"

(For anyone interested in helping the severed T-P employees, check out the DashThirtyDash fund.)

Y@ Speak June 11-17

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Money from the City of NO to keep Mission open: $50,000. Money from the City to open 18 new dog parks: $5.7mil. Sighing heavily: pricelessGeoff G
I am Officially SO Young Money! The ink is drying as we speak! :) are you ready? I know I am! #Love to @LilTunechi @mackmaine @BIRDMAN5STARChristina Milian
I'm hating it. #neworleans @ Grainger http://instagr.am/p/Lx3Jv-NGBB/Richard Alexander
Said it before, will say it again: No newspaper (yes, I said newspaper) staff has ever loved its readers or its city more.Stephanie Grace
I stand in solidarity today with our colleagues in Alabama and New Orleans. Square up, folks, and look them in the eye.Ben Montgomery
Pretty fucking pissed off about my friends getting fired. #TimesPicayune #deathTodd A. Price
#timespicayune, you've done grievous harm to this city this morning, and to yourselves. #assholesBrett Martin
So just who the hell is left to do actual, you know, reporting?BlackenedOut
Can't they just fire Chris Rose a bunch more times instead?skooks
T-P layoffs point up what I've been saying: what Newhouse/Advance is doing has nothing to do with T-P's performance, or ...greg peters
... what the city needs. It's a blind juggernaut of change, with eye on the future bottom line, and will take down every paper they own ...greg peters
... forget circ, forget penetration, forget profit, forget community service โ€” this is the great robotization and nothing will stop it.greg peters
Newhouse/Advance is a beast, with all the grace and insight one would expect from a blind, rampaging animal. You, NOLA, nothing matters.greg peters
Zero beans.Fake Times-Picayune
Crying in a South Carolina parking. News out of NOLA too awful to understand. They're killing The Times-Picayune, firing my friends.Rien Fertel
If @BrettAnderstonTP is leaving, the T-P has certainly gone to hell.Allison Good
Great people leaving the Times Picayune; reminds me of something David Simon said, "You don't do more with less. You do less with less. "Rabbi Ethan Linden
I hope all the smug new media evangelists who tried to call this a "great opportunity" for the TP will now finally shut the fuck up.Matt
Danny Monteverde, Katy Reckdahl, Brett Anderson - all fired. More to follow. T-P subscription cancellations: 1.800.925.0000Wayne Curtis
Irony: Jim Amos's video can't be seen on iPhones and iPads.Alex Rawls
Gutting Day at the T-P: It looks bad now, but I'm sure that one day we'll all look back on this and say, "You know, I'm still pissed."Tim Ruppert
I've been severed from The Times-Picayune. Anyone looking for a Pulitzer Prize-nominated infographic artist?Ryan Smith
@BrettAndersonTP stuck it out with us thru thick thin. knew he destined for greater . Newhouse just gave him a promotion in the long run.Adolfo Garcia
UPDATE: bottle of crown royal that @rthompsonTP brought in is now gone.Kim Quillen
Thinking abt hiring @rsmithtp to make infographics for my tweets.Champ Superstar
Very sad when pros like @BrettAndersonTP is let go and yelp ratings are higher on the list of google searches of any restaurant.sean mccusker
Sad day in my fav city of new orleans. Longtime newspaper is no longer publishing daily ...staff cuts :( #timespicayuneHoda Kotb
Times-Pic lays off @BrettAndersonTP Nice job, assholes. Best restaurant coverage in the country has no effect on our tourism-based economy?John Currence
@brettandersontp You can write/produce TV w me any time you want to. Your awesomeness speaks volumes.Oy veyhttp://m.eater.com/archives/2012/06/12/nola-critic-brett-anderson-victim-of-timespic-layoffs.phpAndrew Zimmern
Fired by T-P: my classmate John McCusker, who got a Pulitzer and PTSD, lost his house, attempted suicide-by-cop, and rebuilt his life.Ray Shea
2 of 5 letters to editor this a.m. argue daily paper is needed to keep dogs happy. Seriously.Gordon Russell
The Times-Picayune tower should be lowered to half-mast today, as a sign of mourning.Keith Spera
Times-Picayune's owner Advance Publications also owns Reddit. Explains a lot about about what's going on in New Orleans.Dash30DashNOLA
Thanks for all the love in the last 24. On the day I lost my job I could at least take solace that I was briefly a trending topic.Brett Anderson
Finally on Twitter #Saints fans!Darren Sproles
Thank you @WinnDixie for having a sign that says, correctly, "20 Items or Fewer" rather than "20 Items or Less." @GrammarlyWill Samuels
Happy fathers day: still in my pajamas..norman robinson


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