Dump the Pump and ride transit on Thursday, June 21



The American Public Transportation Association (APTA), in partnership with The Sierra Club and The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), hosts its seventh annual National Dump the Pump Day Thursday, June 21.

The goal of National Dump the Pump Day is to make citizens aware of the benefits of using public transportation as opposed to driving: reducing the carbon footprint, decreasing fuel dependency, minimizing congestion and saving money on gas, maintenance, insurance and parking.

(More details—including how to ride with Gambit and get your #DumpthePumpNOLA pictures posted—below the jump.)

Each Thursday, public transportation planner Meghan Makoid asks her Twitter followers to tweet the benefits of riding transit, using the hashtag #TransitThursday. Using Storify, she's compiled some of the best answers, which are usually parallel with the answers to the question, "What can I do on a bus that I can't do while I'm driving?"

Rider-posted benefits include using transit as a designated driver, being able to nap while riding transit, texting while riding and being able to see more of your surroundings than when focusing on driving.

In addition to the RTA's Dump the Pump Facebook event, I'll be checking my Twitter throughout the day (using the hashtag #DumpthePumpNOLA), helping anyone find their way if they can't find it through Google Transit, posting pictures of local pump dumpers on Facebook and Twitter, retweeting #DumpthePumpNOLA tweets and going on mini bus adventures with pump dumpers who are riding RTA buses and streetcars.

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