The Levee offers levity amid T-P disaster




There is nothing humorous about what is happening to the 200 employees who have been laid off since Newhouse and Advance Publications announced The Times-Picayune would go to three-times-a-week publication this fall and focus on online content, leaving the city without a daily newspaper.

Thank goodness The New Orleans Levee, the city’s satirical newspaper, hasn’t lost its sense of humor. In a very funny parody, the Levee ran its own going-digital story, mocking Advance Publications’ stated reasons for disassembling the T-P.

“As the digital world has evolved, so too will we, finally,” the Levee story says. “Beginning in the fall, the newspaper that so many of you rely upon will start publishing on a reduced schedule of Jan. 15, Aug. 1 and Black Friday. Our marketing department tells us these are the easiest dates to sell ads on, which should indicate our priorities going forward pretty clearly.”

In a cutline (pictured, lower right) The Levee takes on how T-P employees learned of their fate from a New York Times report:

“First reported in The Onion (a national satirical newspaper), where our employees learned they were losing their jobs, The Levee is shifting to a major online presence from print. We believe readers will transition, too, with many already moving on from eating crawfish off our printed pages and instead eating right off their iPads while surfing our site”

In announcing the Levee and would join into the NOLA Satire Group, publisher/editor Rudy Matthew Vorkapic announced a more-with-less strategy: “The NOLA Satire Group will develop new and innovative ways to make it sound like we’re offering more services, while slashing our staff and cashing in on Google Ads money.”

Sounds much better as satire than real life.

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