Giant albino mutant spiders destroy New Orleans in Arachnoquake



Terror has a new compound word, and its ARACHNOQUAKE.
  • Terror has a new compound word, and it's ARACHNOQUAKE.
We told you about it last December, but now it's almost here: Arachnoquake, the TV movie in which GIANT ALBINO MUTANT SPIDERS destroy New Orleans, will air on SyFy June 23 at 8 pm.

This fine use of Hollywood South tax credits stars Tracey Gold (Growing Pains) and Edward Furlong (Terminator 2), and Entertainment Weekly has the first trailer, which is well worth your time if you want to see St. Louis Cathedral blow up and the CBD on fire due to GIANT ALBINO MUTANT SPIDERS.

Here's the synopsis:

Another day in New Orleans at Lacross Adventures and Sightseeing turns into mayhem when an Earthquake opens fissures and golf-ball sized Albino spiders come crawling out from beneath the streets. Paul Lacrosse, his Dad Roy and his sister Petra are the only ones who realize that the Natural Shale Gas deposits that range from Louisiana all across the Southern U.S., have been exposed by the ongiong Earthquakes, and have released a fire-breathing long dirmant [sic] species of spider-and these spiders are extremely aggressive. Now it's up to the Lacrosse family to pull out all of the stops, along with the National Guard, to find a weakness in this new breed of terror.

Back in December, Pizza Nola mentioned throwing a viewing party if anyone is interested in hanging out, eating pizza and watching GIANT ALBINO MUTANT SPIDERS in a movie with lines like "It’s time to show Daddy Longlegs how we roll on the bayou.” Anyone in?

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