R-rated trailer for NOLA-shot Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter reveals all-out gorefest



Studio marketing campaigns are an ongoing source of mystery. Yesterday brought the release of what industry jargon terms the "red band trailer" for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, a summer blockbuster shot in New Orleans last year and currently scheduled for release on June 22. Red-band means "made for audiences currently assembled to watch an R-rated movie," as opposed to the previously released "green band" trailer that was safe for kids—as if they didn't watch what they want on the Web all day long anyway.

What's surprising here is how much blood, guts, and beheadings can be squeezed into 1:54. Early excerpts of this movie made it look like an almost Tarantino-esque pop-culture mash-up. It appears we swallowed the marketing campaign's phase-one bait. Now it looks like horror all the way.

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