Green Burrito: Late night burritos in the Bywater



A green burrito from the Green Burrito.

There have been a lot of changes to the eatery options in the Bywater lately, and one of the more recent additions is staking out some late-night turf.

The crew at the Green Burrito (3046 St. Claude Ave., 949-2889) sling their menu of burritos, tacos and quesadillas from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. daily. Pick your tortilla configuration and they fill it with steak, chicken or grilled fish, plus all-vegetable and vegan renditions.

The eatery opened in the former Doras Supermarket.
  • Ian McNulty
  • The eatery opened in the former Dora's Supermarket.

“We live in the neighborhood and we were tired of having to call Dominos when you wanted something late,” says Brandt Savoy, who opened the Green Burrito along with TJ Metzger and Otis Thompson.

They had previously operated the Green Burrito as a roving, delivery-only operation. They still deliver, with a range extending from the Bywater into the French Quarter, and delivery or take-out are your best choices. You can eat-in here, though the low-ceiling space, previously home to Dora’s Supermarket, is long on D.I.Y thriftiness and short on any sort of creature comforts.

The Green Burrito
3046 St. Claude Ave., 949-2889

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