Watch: Galactic with Mystikal and Mannie Fresh "Move Fast"




New Orleans funk outfit Galactic released Carnivale Electricos on Mardi Gras — an album idea the band has been sitting on a couple years but finally arranged, merging Carnival and regional music from its global traditions, this year. When I talked with keyboardist Rich Vogel before its release, I wrote that "the band looked to the Carnival world — from the baile funk of Rio de Janeiro to bounce beats blasting from local parking lots, and the places in between — to weave new elements into Galactic's frequently altered fabric — updated as New Orleans' music and cultural landscape adjusts its palate."

"What we didn't want to do was 'Galactic plays Latin.' ... We knew that was absolutely not the way we wanted to go," Vogel said. "It was more about, 'Let's try and bring some of these artists into our world and what we do, and see if them doing what they do and us doing what we do makes an interesting result.'"

Bounce music and hip-hop can't be ignored. They band has messed around with it, bringing artists like Big Freedia into their stage ensemble, but it committed two tracks on their latest LP to distinctly New Orleans hip-hop and bounce. "Move Fast," with legendary MC Mystikal and producer Mannie Fresh, is the album's latest single. You'll hear some familiar beats in the mix with the band's decidedly low-key funk and fat brass.

Video below the jump.

"It may not be what you think of (as) traditional Mardi Gras tunes, but everyone knows, if you go out on the streets, you're going to hear hip-hop, you're going to hear bounce music — it just depends what part of town you're stumbling around in," Vogel told Gambit. "We're a group that's interested and learning and digesting everything we can from the traditions and the history, but we want to make music in the here and now, and make music from New Orleans that's contemporary, and learn from and digest anything else that's great, including bounce music. You (can't) ignore it. As far as we're concerned it's another chapter in the history of New Orleans music, and one that's unfolding and playing out before our eyes, or our ears."

On the track, Mystikal raps one of his finest recent lines: "I slapped the alligator, bit that shark, came down from outerspace and shined that star." The timing couldn't be better — the rapper, who faces another jail sentence for a parole violation, also announced a mixtape, Origins, out July 30.

Also look for rapper Dee-1 in the video — and watch the behind-the-scenes video here.

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