A music calendar for brass band addicts like us



If you’re like me, brass band music is a priority. And while our little empire of New Orleans is fabulously over-saturated with music for the next 10-plus days of Jazz Fest, it can be a bit of a pain to root through all the various website listings of acts, events and performances to find options specific to your taste buds. Fear not! Your girl Big Red helps you stay ahead of the game with an easy-to-navigate online calendar created specifically for brass band addicts like you and me. I’ve dug through the catacombs of every live performance listing and extracted the good sh*t so you don’t have to.

(details below the jump!)

Now admittedly, not every single brass band claiming a stage this week is on my list but most are - the one’s whose entertainment value I can personally attest to. I do have my sterling reputation to consider... Additionally I've thrown in a couple of non-brass related top spots as a lagniappe.

To access the calendar, just click the picture above or see the link here: http://bit.ly/Ic151l

Go forth with good footwork!


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