Another week, another crop of celebrity sightings — and it seems this week there were more than usual. Tweeters sent their Gossip Girl-esque dispatches of celebrity spottings that ranged from gothy actress Evan Rachel Wood (acclaimed 2008 drama The Wrestler, 2003's big-budget after school special Thirteen) to the effing Governator. Based on recent sightings, here's some things we know about the celebs who've been hanging out around town: Leonardo Dicaprio likes riding his bike (and looks damn good doing it), comedy dudes like going to lower Garden District coffee shop Mojo, and Arnold Schwarzenegger — obviously unafraid of being called a Girlie Man — likes Pinkberry? (Seems to be the dessert of choice among elected officials.) Please continue to tweet your celebrity sightings, but from afar: let's keep the celebrity stalking in the other L.A. Also this week: The Hornets have an owner! Rick Santorum pulls out (hehe)! French Quarter Fest! Ray Nagin listens to Maxwell!

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