GIVERS gets the Glee treatment



Lafayette/New Orleans band GIVERS, who Alex Woodward profiled in a cover story last year, are now likely on the radar of theater kids and moms after their song was featured on last night's episode of Kidz Bop: The TV Show (also known as Glee). Two wheelchair-bound characters dueted on the band's catchy Afro-pop jam "Up, Up, Up," followed by Elton John's "I'm Still Standing" (see what they did there?).

The episode, titled "Big Brother," isn't available to watch online yet, but you can hear the audio from the scene in the embedded video. UPDATE: Here's the clip of "Up, Up, Up" from the episode.

The Glee cast version sounds identical to GIVERS' down to the instrumentation, arrangement and trading off on guy and girl parts. But perhaps this will signal a surge in album sales for the homegrown band if Glee fans ("Gleeks") seek out GIVERS after hearing the song. I just hope this means we'll eventually be able to sing "Up, Up, Up" video game karaoke in our living rooms.

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