Pigeon Town Steppers Easter Sunday second line parade 1-5pm



Pigeon Town Steppers Easter Sunday Second Line Parade

April 8, 2012 1-5pm

(parade route below the jump!)

Start: Big Man’s Lounge 2916 Louisiana Ave , U Turn to S. Claiborne Ave, turn right on S. Claiborne, to Toledano St. turn left on Toledano to S. Rocheblave St, turn right on S Rocheblave St.

Stop: Foxx II Lounge- Continue down Washington Ave to Earhart Blvd, turn left on Earhart to Broadway St, turn left on Broadway to Fig St.

Stop: Broadway Bar- Continue down Broadway St to Walmsley Ave. turn right on Walmsley Ave to Carrollton Ave. turn left on Carrollton Ave. to Apple St, turn right on Apple St to Monroe St.

Stop: E&C Lounge – Make a left on Monroe St to S. Claiborne Ave. turn left on Claiborne to Short St, turn right on Short St to Hickory St, turn left on Hickory St.

Stop: 7830 Hickory St (In Memory of Big Chief Lionel)- Continue down Hickory St to Adam St, turn right on Adam to Birch St, turn right on Birch St to Carrollton Ave, turn left on Carrollton to Oak St, turn right on Oak St to Cambronne St.

Stop: Maple Leaf Bar- Continue down Oak Street to Leonidas St, turn right on Leonidas to Willow St, turn left on Willow St to Monroe St, turn right on Monroe to Birch.

Stop: H&H lounge- Continue down Monroe St. to Hickory St, turn left on Hickory to Eagle St, turn right on Eagle to Spruce st.

Stop: Sista Sista Bar & Lounge- Continue down Spruce St to Leonidas St, turn right on Leonidas to Cohn St, turn left on Cohn St to Joliet St., turn left on Joliet to Spruce St.

Stop: Blue Flame Lounge –DISBAND

Stooges Brass Band

2012 Queen - Gayle Fairley

2012 King Steven Bernard

"Rest in peace to Ms. Edna Henry, P. Town Steppers former queen and Catman our former banner man. You both will be remembered yearly and missed dearly..."

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