The "birther" controversy regarding President Barack Obama's citizenship has caught new fire in Louisiana, according to a report from Leslie Turk of The Independent in Lafayette ...

Tired of fielding what he says are “many inquiries concerning President Barack Obama’s citizenship and requests that the Secretary of State prevent his name from being place on the ballot in Louisiana’s Nov. 6 Congressional and Presidential elections,” SOS Tom Schedler is asking state Attorney General Buddy Caldwell for an opinion on the matter. Schedler’s plan was posted on his Facebook page March 13 via a letter signed by “William E. Crawford, Attorney, Department of State.”

“We have received a huge amount of letters, faxes and emails on the subject,” Brandee Patrick, Schedler’s public information officer, told The Independent this morning.

Amanda Larkins, Caldwell's communications director, said she wasn't aware of the request. Read the whole story at The Independent.

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