News reports: NOPD has its own prolific online Internet post-blogger


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New Orleans Police Department Officer Jason Giroir is, like Sal Perricone, not a blogger.

He is, however, alleged to be a news commenter (which, note, is one of several correct terms you can use to describe Perricone), we've just found out.

And he's been suspended for it, because in the midst of an investigation into the fatal shooting of Justin Sipp — after Giroir pulled Sipp and his brother Earl Sipp over near City Park — Giroir decided to weigh in on the Trayvon Martin shooting, which was, you know, super-smart.

From WWL-TV:

“Act like a Thug Die like one!” says the comment under name Jason Giroir. The comment refers to the controversy surrounding the hooded sweatshirt Martin was reportedly wearing when he was gunned down. Activists across the nation have taken to wearing hoodies as a sign of solidarity with Martin’s family and against racial profiling.

Very sensitive!

And here's something that's sure to be a great boon to this police department's image:

Several hours later, Jason Giroir responded to [another commenter]: “Eddie come on down to our town with a ‘Hoodie’ and you can join Martin in HELL and talk about your racist stories!:-P”

Update: The T-P's Brendan McCarthy speaks with Giroir's lawyer, who confirms that his client posted the comments.


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